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A Psalm of Wonder

God of Creation

Who made the Heavens and the earth

Lofty skies of blue; clouds of white

We give you honor and praise

I marvel at all of Your creation

The planets, stars, nebulas, and beyond

To think you have placed them in space

Moving and not moving – yet growing

Thank you for this beauty I behold

The song that the Universe sings

It floats and calls to the sons of God

Of all that the Father has done

Yet, ever-expanding is this Universe

Man cannot fully comprehend

The complexity of Your imagination, oh God

You who spoke; it came into being

I bow before you

Overcome with emotion

You are too wonderous to behold

Your creative Light is so bright

I honor you, my Father of Lights

I praise you with my whole being

Standing before your son/daughter

I acknowledge You in me.


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