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Becoming No Polarity

Breath in

Exhale out

The Presence of God

Inside me

Surrounds me

Like a net cast out

Over regions

Over countries

The love of God

His Light

Pulling into myself

Those that are attracted

To Love’s light

Drawing them

Into a circle of Peace and Hope

Releasing revelation

For the betterment of all

To governments

To society’s cultures

Love and Justice


Spreading the net of Love’s light

Wisdom and Justice over

Nations and their governments

Righteousness prevails

A veil removed from eyes and hearts

Seeing and understanding

No polarities


For the Restoration of All

Calling for new technologies

With Kingdom purposes




Calling for educators

To think with Kingdom understanding

Teaching Kingdom principles

Calling for the Entertainment industry

Watch your stories told

Stories showing Kingdom principles

Where knowledge, wisdom, and understanding

Are reflected

Calling for Righteousness and Justice

Into governments

Lead us not into temptation

Rule with no polarity


Restoration of All Things

Releasing all of who God is

Into the earth

Healing for all


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