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More Strategy - Dream

Standing in the Ruby Nebula

As light, my true self

Entwining and engaging

The Father’s heart


Swirling gases and light

Frequencies so ethereal

Quicken my spirit

As I sing within the nebula


“Give the Clarion Call

To all sons of God

To come and take their place.”


I open my mouth to sing

My voice becomes one

With the sound from the nebula

It calls out, and out comes the Blue light


I watch the Blue light

It bounces like a ball

Then, it seems to continue to dance

Flowing and dancing around


I call out once more

“Sons of God come.

Stand upon the earth’s shield.

Together as one.”


Those who have been waiting

Listening for this clarion call

One by one, by faith, they come

To see and understand their purpose

Release Love, Light, and Life

Release Joy and Mercy

Release Truth and Justice

Release the Father’s heart


The seven Spirits of God

Flow freely around each son of God

Entraining and transmuting

All as the Clarion call goes out


Jesus declares,

“Now, continue to do this.

My strategy is to DREAM big

To bring in the Joy-economy.

It will take time.”




“Without a vision – the people perish.”


When there is no clear prophetic vision,

People quickly wander astray.

But when you follow the revelation

       Of the Word,

Heaven’s bliss fills your soul.  Proverbs 29:18  (TPT)



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