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Psalm of Praise for God’s Creation

Bless the Lord and praise Him

With your entire being!

Allow all his works throughout the earth

Wherever his dominion stretches

Let everything bless the Lord.” Psalm 103:22

When I consider all that God has created;

Just pondering everything he has made,

I am overwhelmed emotionally

Consider the earth and how it provides for us

From the lakes, streams, and oceans

Fish, whales, deer, bison, cows, and chickens

His provision is in abundance

Look at the gardens and fields of golden wheat

Salads and breads come from these

Nurturing our bodies

Keeping us healthy

Observe the flowers in the fields and gardens

Their beauty cannot be contained

The colors are a reflections of heaven

Given to mankind to enjoy

Step out of any self-pity and look around you

Marvel at the existence of this majestic beauty

God has provided for his creation

Engage it. Live in it. Appreciate it.

So, bless the Lord YHWH

Who lives in Jerusalem

And dwells in Zion’s glory

Hallelujah, and praise the Lord!” Psalm 135:21

****Extra Note****

God created all this for our pleasure

The sons of God as they step out in sonship

We do not have to be afraid of the elements

But, partnering with them because

We are one with the Father’s heart


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