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Refiner's Fire Burn

Within the fire

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

Leading all to worship

Praise and Worship is a weapon

For the Kingdom of God

Elohim, Adonai

The glory of God surrounds us

As we praise and worship

His glory fills the skies

Breathing in this glory

Then exhaling it out

With the intent to bless and restore

His eternal glory fills all

The fire of passionate creativity

Burns into the hearts of man

Turning them to repent

Lifting their eyes to heaven

No more selfish ambition

Mindsets changing

Giving – receiving – sharing

Well-being for all

Burn – Refiner’s Fire – Burn

Go deep within the heart of man

Open up their minds to see

A more excellent place to be

Elohim burns in the hearts of humanity

Stirring and shaking

Bringing in the new

Restoration of All Things


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