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Seek First His Kingdom

Look and see the Glory of the Lord

His beautiful Majesty

He rules and reigns throughout the Cosmos

Holding all within His mighty hands

Nothing is mistaken nor forgotten

He knows His creation well

Within the vast Mind of Christ

Creating all humankind

Partnering and creating alongside

New and wonderful things

Only if humanity does a DIY

Will there be issues

Sons of God, remember to partner with

The Creator, when making things

Seek Wisdom, Discernment, and Justice

Here, there will be balance in what you do

Seek Him first; who He is fully

All creativity and provision will flow

Pure in thought, word, and deed

Will lead to knowing our Creator

In an intimate way

Our hearts beat along in unison with His

As this occurs

Communities begin to change

Sons of God, let go of worldliness in your thinking and living

Seek first His Kingdom

Seek first His Righteousness

Seek first His Justice

Then, His full provision and well-being flows

Actively surrounding your life

He loves us more –

To Eternity and Beyond


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