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“When the eyes are entwined with light, our entire being is light. – Francois du Toit, Mirror Study Bible

What is it like to be transfigured?

Such power and energy from within

How is this energy activated?

Entangling and entwining within

Power and creative light within us

Focusing our intent

Freely allowing ourselves

To become one with the Light

You feel it

You sense it

A great molecular change

The body itself feels the power emerge

An explosion of sorts within

The body, in its entirety, is light

Pure light


Moving without issue

Connected with the Father-Creator

Contentment not like any before

The whole universe and more – open

Moving toward the earth's shield

Standing as my authentic self, there

Along with others

Shining brilliantly



One purpose

To release a sound

Waiting, listening for that frequency

Upon hearing the sound

All begin at the exact moment

Emitting the frequency of Restoration


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