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Hi! I’m Sue,

A mystic, creative, teacher, mentor, and blogger

I am what some call a creative. I love the arts. Whether performing, directing, or as an audience member, I love the arts.


My training is in theater, music (singing/flute), and writing. I also love to paint; though not professional by any means, it is a creative outlet for me. If left on an island with nothing, I would have to find a way to create. Maybe create a script about a lone person on an island. Oh, wait, that has already been done.


I like to garden. My heart swells with joy in the Spring when my flower gardens begin to pop with color. I enjoy the tulips l planted in the Fall, now erupting from the soil into the sunlight. Feeling the earth in my hands while I plant seeds for the summer/fall garden is nothing like anything I have experienced. There is life in the dirt. It brings forth such beauty and treasures for my tummy in lovely vegetables. I love watching my garden grow and reap the benefits of my labors.


Another part of me: I am also what you would call a Christian Mystic— have pursued spiritual experiences with the Trinity. I have seen and been to heaven and go there often. I especially love going to my heart garden. I spend a lot of time there with Jesus when I have something on my heart to discuss. This journey has molded me into who I am today. It is from these experiences that a lot of my writing comes.

In fact, one morning in June 2014, I began writing in my journal. I closed my eyes and asked Father God what was on his heart. His reply was, "Write a book." I  argued with him for a very short time. Then he said, "So, write a blog. It will give you the discipline you need to write a book.  Good practice."

So here I am, blogging.


Welcome to my journey. 

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