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A Deep Longing

Within my heart is a deep longing

A yearning to be closer to the Father

Yet, I know He is within me

More intimate than I can imagine

Within the earth, there is a deep longing

A yearning for the sons of God to come

They are rising to take their places

One by one, stepping into their sonship

Creation groans for the sons of God

To partner and restore

Transition is happening

We feel it, sense it, and see it now

As light pulses through the leaves

Shining brilliantly, a new day dawns

Hope is rising within me

Joy actively dances

My heart explodes with praise

Father, I have no words

To express what I am feeling beyond

Your peace and rest

May transition happen without a flaw

May the people awaken to see

Your Glory filling the whole earth

Through your children united on bended knee


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