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A Psalm of Awe and Declaration

When I consider all that God has made

When I sit and meditate on who He is

When I look up and see the stars in the night sky

When I walk through the woods and trees

When I sit and listen t all that is around me

When in silence, I am aware of His presence

How marvelous and wonderous are you, oh God!

Your creation lives because of your provision

Your creation flourishes because of you

Your creation awaits the fullness of restoration

Your creation sings its praise to you

The love you show to all is equitable

From the farmer to a senator

From the lowest of the low to the high priest

From a doctor who does abortions to those that respect life

From those that do evil to those who are pure in heart

You created them all

You gave them free will and choice

You loved them enough to die to redeem them all

Hope and Mercy granted as a gift

Along with Grace and Joy

I praise you, my Father

I praise you, Jesus

I praise you, Holy Spirit

As a son of God

I now release over the United States of America

Your limitless love, joy, mercy, grace, and peace

Your very presence among all of your creation

Let the frequency of your love, oh God

Permeate through every cell of all your creation

Let the eyes of their hearts be open

Once again, toward you and your love

The veils of deceit and lies are torn

Let your truth, righteousness, and justice be known

Grant us wisdom, oh Father

In these next days ahead

To discern and to stand in your love and mercy

Keep our hearts open to you and not defiled

Allow us to share with those around us

Your hope, your truth, and your love

We stand as one with you in thanksgiving and gratitude



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