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Becoming Aware

Realized destinies

Can be discovered

Realized disappointments

Can be recovered

When fully aware


Aware of who you are

Aware of what and why you’re triggered

Aware of past and present

Aware of emotions out of sync

Awareness of you – your true self


Objectively observed

Through different lenses

Asking, “Why did I do that?”

Objectively giving an answer

Then, seeking out the how from the Creator


Out of the answer

Comes the future

How we go forward and why we do

Changing the neuro-patterns

From what was past

In to what we want to change in ourselves


A future

Fully aware

Fully changeable

Fully alive with possibilities



Healing comes in this self-awareness.

Partnering with the Trinity of God

Within ourselves and towards one another

Allowing for better and wiser decisions



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