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Freedom Through God's Joy-Economy

What is this?

This Joy-Economy

What is this?

Listen my children

Hear Me

Though life around you

Spins with toil

Seemly all chaotic

My Joy-economy

Is at work

Too many of humanity’s DIY systems

Have become ‘self’ only






Fear mongering

The Joy-Economy is the opposite

However, a deep clean must happen

Beauty comes from ashes

That means tearing down the old

Burning through what is rubble

To find that tender-shoot

Of beauty

Stay in My rest

Stay focused on My love

Stay in peace within yourself

Freedom comes in My Joy-Economy

You are much more

More than all your trials

You are a part of Me

Well-being comes from Me

Christ-centric not man-centric

Man’s government cannot change this world


I can

Seek first My kingdom

Seek My righteousness

Then, all that I have

Will be given

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