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Let the Earth Be Filled

A single wheat stock

Blowing alone with the wind

Then, another wheat stock joins

And another

A field of wheat bowing in the wind

I hear, “Yod Hey Vav Hey” in the wind

Gently this song is sung

The wheat in the fields stands

As if to listen

As the frequency flows over, they bow

In the sky

Clouds form a picture

Colors in the clouds entwine

Like a dance in the sky

I see the four faces; Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man

The animals all lookup

Attentive to what they see and hear

One by one

Creature bow

Acknowledging their creator

The earth rumbles

It quakes

The frequency within the earth

Changing and reforming

Like a voice acknowledging its Creator

Then, in the sky

A veil torn

All of heaven, one can see

The door to the dimensions

Now, fully open

Glory’s light shines brightly

Streaming through the door

Heaven’s Love-Light touches earth

All of creation; insects, birds, mammals

Bow before their Creator

Angelic voices sing

Their frequency harmonizing

Opening the door further

The song goes out

A clarion call to the sons of God

Arise and come, oh sons of God

The require of you

To stand and be

Listening and living in a community

In complete harmony with one another

Listen, sons of God

Live in balance and peace

Keep the door of unity with heaven

Open within yourselves

Bow now before your God and King

The Seven Spirits of God

Begin to swirl around each son of God

Imparting and teaching

Revealing their true identity

Now, they can rule and reign

Let the earth

Be filled

With His Glory

Restoration is here


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