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Our Creator

Yahweh claims the world as His

Everything and everyone belong to him Psalm 24:1

Let us go before the Lord

The God Almighty

To seek his face

To hear his wisdom

But who can come before him?

He is holy and just

He who can pierce a soul

Knowing they can deceive

Come before the Lord with a contrite heart

Bow before him in purity of heart

Let no language separate

For God knows the hearts of all

God is the make of heaven and earth

All powerful


All Consuming

The Lord created and formed everything

The earth and its creatures

The cosmos, planets, and starts

The fullness of all that is

He created humanity in His image

A part of the creator is in me

A strand of his DNA

His spirit and mine

Oh, the marvelous wonders of Yahweh

Come and bow down before him

Give back to him all he has given you

For He is all in all

(Inspired by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord)

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven.” C.S. Lewis


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