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Shift My Heart

Shift my heart, God

Please change it

Mold it into oneness with Yours

Change my thinking

Wash away all the rubbish

Cleanse the soulish thought patterns

Through the cleansing of my heart and mind

Pour into me revelation that I can receive

Release in m your desires, Father

Hold my tongue and capture my thoughts

May I speak only Life to others

May I hear and listen to Life and Love with discernment

I draw from you the Light of salvation and healing

I take this Light and pull it into all my gateways and energy centers

I now release all you have revealed to those in my sphere of influence

May Love, Life, Light, Justice, Truth, Mercy, Peace, Joy, and Hope abound abundantly in their lives.

May they receive them fully in their hearts and minds.

Now, may they be free to ask questions

May they be free to live out their destinies.


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