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There is a Season

There is a season for not doing

There is a season for accomplishing

There is a season for enjoyment

There is a season for Being


There are many more seasons

Some overlapping

Some colliding

All needed for our growth


Stillness within one’s true self

Not hiding behind the world’s precepts

Not ashamed of who we are

Being one with our Creator God

His in-filling of Himself in us


Setting free all wants and desires

Allowing them to fall where they may

Staying close to our Father

Knowing he is always here


We have everything we need

Through Jesus Christ our Lord

Standing with His precepts

Living those out as we live in the world


Our well-being is in Him

Our provision is in Him


“So above all, constantly seek

God’s kingdom and his righteousness,

Then all these less important things

Will be given to you abundantly.” Matt 6:33 (TPT)




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