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You Are

You are so beautiful

Magnificent in all creation

You are in the science

Which shows your complexity

Every color

Every molecule

Within the quantum realm

You are

In the chaos

In the darkness

In the deep Void

You are

No thing is your creative place

Imagine – “What if”

Within the Void that creates

You are

Stillness and silence

A crowd in symphony

All that I see around me

You are

(It may be read from the bottom up as well.)

Most often, when I sit in my backyard in the evening, I gaze and marvel at the creation above me. There is such beauty in the night sky.

Psalm 8:1 in the Passion Translation describes God’s glory in the heavens that I marvel at.

1 “Yahweh, our Sovereign God,

your glory streams from the heavens above,

filling the earth with the majesty of your name!

People everywhere see your splendor.”

These are times that I ask “What if” type questions. I close my eyes and envision a symphony of stars that sang so long ago at creation. What if I had the privilege of being there and experiencing God’s creative process? All I can say is, “Wow.”

As a creative person, I can learn from the great Creator of the Universe. To sit and be within the cradle of creation where it all begins.


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