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A Chat with Wisdom

Walking in an early morning mist

Trees all around

Birds beginning to chirp

Squirrels scampering up and down

I come to a meadow

Lush with foliage and flowers

A woman so natural and glowing

Sits at a table, ready for tea

She watches as I approach

I know who this is

We have met before

“Good day, Wisdom,” I call.

She smiles and bids me to come

Sit as she pours the tea

Wisdom’s eyes are pools of liquid light

All colors in the universe

Her garment is beautiful

Flowing and radiating light

“Wisdom, I am happy to meet with you

I have sensed you close these

Past months.”

“My dear, you asked me to

In doing so, you have grown

In wisdom and discernment.

Your journey continues, and I will remain close

Unless you bid me farewell.”

“Of course, I understand.”

Many questions I have for you

But the one on my heart is this –

In Psalm 8:22-23 it states

‘In the beginning, I was there,

For God possessed me even before

He created the universe.

From eternity past, I was set in place,

Before the world began,

I was anointed from the beginning.’

I guess my question is

You and God now

In the heavens – together – Eternal.

So are you representing something

I am not sure.”

Wisdom smiles

“I am separate, and I am

The eternal part of the Creator.

This is a simple explanation.”

“Might I stay awhile? I need to

Be close to you today.”

“Yes, of course.

Balance yourself here with me.

Your friends are also welcome.

My table can be expanded.

All they need to do is ask.”


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