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A Psalm of the Earth

Let the people lift their heads in praise

Sing for our God is good

Dance for our God is full of joy

Speak the wonders of who He is

The Earth and its inhabitants sing praise

The trees of the field clap their hands

The rocks sing out their praise

Deep within the core, a song bursts forth

Though chaos may seem in abundance on Earth

Heaven’s joy abounds and calls to all

Listen for the call of Joy

Engage it; entrain with it

Walk in your life as a son of God

Live out your sonship

Love those around you, as our Father does

Speak out kind words of encouragement

Take time to sit in stillness before God

Rest your soul in His presence

Refresh your spirit in silence

No rushing, no scurring, just peace

The Earth speaks

Sons of God, if you do not speak out

All of Earth must respond

Even the rocks will voice their praise

Sons of God, raise your voices as one

Praise and glory to the Son

Dance and sing the Lord’s praises

Continue to speak out all His mighty works


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