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A Radio Tower

As a son of God

I am like a radio tower

I have the light of God within me

Reflecting outward what I receive from Heaven

I receive and transmit Heaven’s purposes

With intent

With the Father’s heart

Daily receiving

Daily transmitting

Sometimes with interruptions

But usually from my own doing

Clearing the “waves” is important

Aligning myself with the Father’s heart

Making sure baggage is taken care of

And released

Now – the airwaves are clear

I sit listening to the Father’s frequency

Allowing it to fill me and change me

Then, releasing

Transmitting the revelation

Outward to others

Heaven’s purposes

Love, Joy, Peace, Hope


In love, with the Joy of the Lord,

I release Peace and Hope from Heaven

To all upon this earth

Those with open hearts

Receive joyously

Those with closed hearts

Bombarded, and it feels awkward

Pointing them toward their Creator

I call for the manifestation

Of the sons of God here on earth

Partnering with Heaven

And it’s government

Bringing forgiveness and restoration

Into the hearts of all humankind

Beginning with an

Harmony, balance

Love, Mercy, and Grace

I release the frequency of sonship and

The oracles of the Father’s heart

I stand on the cornerstone

Jesus, Messiah, the Christ

Releasing all frequency of being

A son of God

Into all creation

People’s ears will hear Love and Truth

People’s hearts will receive kindness and love

No preconceived notions

Harmony and Blessing


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