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A Worship Processional

A call is sent out

A processional of Beings filling in

Coming from four directions

More and more come

As they hear the call

Some are of Light only

Others are Light but with clothing

Each line files in a specific circle

Surrounding an ample blank space

These beings come into a circle

Humming the A and the E notes

A worshipful tone sensed

All eyes look up to see

Such a brilliantly bright light

What looks like a circular shape

Slowly descending into the circle

But, as it comes down further -

It is a magnificent throne

All of Chrystal and Light

Cherubim and Seraphim surround it

The humming changes

It becomes a chorus of Praise

A symphony so beautiful

On the Throne sits the Father of Lights

Crystalline White and brighter than the sun

His eyes – they are like fire

All the beings and creatures that

Filed in from the call, now

Bow before the eternal one

Power, majesty, words cannot express

Yet –

Love emanates, surrounds, and penetrates all

A booming voice/sound is heard

“Welcome, one and all!”


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