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A Voice is heard

From the least of these

For the future of man

Deep within man’s spirit

An Awakening of Spirit

Acknowledgment of the sacred

Out of the shadows

In the hearts of humankind

True self emerges

Now- at this time

Love is felt

Grace is covering

Joy gives strength

Heads lifted upward

Souls bowing inward

The spirit within humankind awakens

Joy explodes

Love surrounds

Grace abounds

Forgiveness happens

Mercy flows

Relationships connect

Community rows

Here standing around them

Angelic armies



Hearts healed

New mindsets

No more ceilings

No more floors

Only Jesus we adore

Walking in Light

Being the Light



Flow, Spirit of God, Flow!

Let the worshipping worshiper

Fly in the spirit realm

No division

No polarization

Only balance within


Communities change

Honor in all relationships

Respecting one another

Showing kindness

Let the transformation continue;

For such a time as this


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