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Communion: the body and blood of Jesus

A door, no, a portal opens before me

Bright light shines; it draws me in

Red roses are everywhere

Their sweet fragrance fills my nostrils

As I walk forward, these roses surround me

Following me as I journey onward


Another door appears before me

I open it – everything seems to disappear

Yet, there is so much light

Again, it draws me forward

This time before me is the Cross

I find in my hand a cup, and I sit

Beneath the Cross holding the cup


In stillness, I sit, and then a red drop falls

A drop of blood is in the cup

More and more drops go into the cup

I am astonished; I look up

Jesus is there on that Cross – dying

With every drop of blood

He becomes more ashen

Tears fall freely from my eyes

I lean against the Cross, weeping


Transported to another place

In my garden, the garden of my heart

Sitting and pondering while holding the cup

Jesus comes up to me and sits beside me

He shows me the wounds on each wrist

He leans over to me and kisses me on the cheek

Pointing towards the cup, he says

“This is my life poured out for you.

Drink it. Know that I am with you forever.”

He gazes into my very being and says,

“I love you.”



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