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Do We Romanticize the Divine

How do you picture Jesus?

How do you picture an angel?

How do you picture Heaven?


Do we romanticize the Divine?

Do we honestly know?


Our Creator has given us a puzzle

As we seek Him, we do find Him

But only one piece of the puzzle at a time


Not only in the scriptures

Do we have a glimpse

For the Divine and His character


In Nature

We have a glimpse of His creativity

Through flora and fauna


In the Cosmos

We have a glimpse of His wonder and beauty

Through the planets and stars


In humankind

We see both good and evil

Showing His grace to redeem


In Heaven

It is another dimension

Within the vast mind of Christ


The Angelic

Powerful messengers and warriors

Who wish to partner with the sons of God


Jesus – Messiah – Son of God

Sits at the right hand of the Father

Brilliantly clothed in white light

Eyes piercing with fire

His words are vivid, like a sword


There is more to explore

More to this journey

A depth that is becoming unlocked

To be unleashed in the Kingdom on earth


Do we romanticize Heaven?

Yes – only because our hearts yearn

For the true Divine nature of God

And seeking our true nature in the Divine


The more time I spend in the presence of God

I have released my ‘old nature’

That hinders me

Into the Void to the Divine Trinity


My picture of Heaven and the Divine

Continues to change

With more clarity and revelation


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