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Forever With The Light

I hear the Voice of Heaven

Come to Me, all who are weary

Come – Come – Restore

I once again follow Ya

The Voice who calls me

The Light – Sound – Breath

The Throne before me

A roar of a waterfall

Music of many harps and flutes

A song is sung from the ancient ones

Four living creatures

Twenty-four elders, Men in White Linen

All bow before the Throne

A sea-like glass

Kings bowing

Throwing their crowns

Before the Throne

I bow

Fall face down

Before the Throne

Yet- He calls to me

Come – Come up here

Sit beside me

My son

I struggle to stand

But eventually, walk

Then take my place beside

The Voice on my Throne

Oh, the wonders that I see

So much I cannot express

The knowing deep within me

Mysteries revealed

Jesus stands before the father

His radiance of glory-light

He turns to me and takes my hand

Then we dance

Forever with the Light


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