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I Am A Transmitter

I am a transmitter of

The frequency of heaven

My heart open to

God’s everlasting Love

No polarization within me

Contentment, even in chaos

Heaven’s frequency flows

Out of me to my surroundings

A simple thing – really

Being a transmitter of Love

The highest frequency of all

A gift is given to all

Like ripples in the water

Love will generate its frequency

Generating a sense of wholeness and well-being

Transforming people and communities

I am a transmitter of Everlasting Love

A love freely given to me

A love freely shown to others

I become part of the symphony of heaven

The sons of God are transmitters.

As each raises their frequency

Connection happens and releases

Far and wide with God’s Everlasting Love

Rise, sons of God

Let’s Connect

Let’s change this world with Everlasting Love


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