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I Am Everlasting Love

In the realm of Light

Here before the father of Lights

There is peace

Peace beyond any human understanding

In this realm, there is Love

A feeling or sensation of completeness

“I am everlasting Love.

Allow this frequency to flow

Through you and all creation.”

I stand, then turn with purpose

Toward the earth and its inhabitants

My spirit expands

As it does, I release the frequency

Of Everlasting Love

It flows like a river

Shines like silver and gold

Hues of blues turning

Saying, “I am Everlasting Love.”

This Love touches every bit of creation

All people, flora, and fauna

Even the different spirits

Working against the Kingdom of God

All cannot help but stop

Recognizing that something beautiful

It has touched them deeply

“I am Everlasting Love.”

Demons and evil spirits

Recognize this Love

They cower before it

Some scream in agony

Some evaporate into nothing

Some turn toward the Love-Light

Those that turn - bow

“I am Everlasting Love”

This frequency booms

Vibrating all of creation

“I am Everlasting Love”

Just and Righteous

Merciful and True

“I am Everlasting Love”

“I am Eternal Light”

“I am the symphony of Creation.”



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