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I Call to Fire

The frequency of Heaven’s Fire

Surrounds all in protection

It keeps out what is not pure

And engulfs that which is chaff


I call to Fire to surround us all

Those who are in need, widowed, sick, hurting

Giving healing balms from Angels

And comfort and provision


I call to Fire to surround all

Those Kingdom believers who are sons

Walking, learning, and standing as one

Giving healing, comfort, and provision


I call to Fire to release a net over

All of creation and those who don’t yet believe

Open their eyes and soften their hearts

Release in them Your love and Light


I release Fire and Limitless Grace

Draw those to the Father who yearns for more

Reveal their identities in their hearts

Surround them with Father’s love


Open the heavens of Limitless Grace

Shower upon the earth and all who dwell here

The time is now – come and stand

Within the Firewall of Protection

**Note: The Seraphim, called the Burning Ones have a

frequency of fire. They are referenced here as "FIRE".



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