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I Want My Creation Back


North, South, East, West

Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man

Angelic armies are alert and ready

These armies are posted in specific places


Cherubim moving, watching, listening for revelation

Seraphim working in their fire of protection

The great Hosts of Heaven are alert

Anticipation of what’s coming


The call of Yahweh is heard

Floating down onto the earth

Drawing those who are ready

Into the Net of Truth and Justice


Another call goes out to those against I Am

Bow down and repent

Know who I Am and who you are

Confess Jesus Christ as Lord


Such a struggle within these

Who, for pride and riches, gain

Cannot begin to fathom what is said to them

Disbelief abounds, as well as pride


We are greater than I Am

With all our power and wealth, we have

Why do we need the Christ

We have it all now


But, in the heavens, a greater cry -

“I love my Creation. Come back to Me.

My love for you is beyond greater

Then the world can give to you.”




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