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It's a New Day

On the horizon

Rays of the sun

Colors so vibrant

Explode greeting the day

Each ray of sunshine

Kisses creation “Good Morning”

Extending its energy

To the Earth – JOY

Slowly creation awakens

Feeling the kiss and warmth

Shaking off the night’s slumber

To welcome the morning

Dew drops on the grass

Giving drink to the birds

As they chirp and sing

“It’s a new day!”

Chickens clucking

Cocks crowing

“Wake up! Wake up!

It’s a new day!”

Inside homes

Alarms go off

A different sound

“Get out of bed, sleepy-head!”

Stumbling out of bed

Into the kitchen

Coffee calling

“Wake up!”

Coffee in hand

Sitting by the window

There before me

The sunrise spilling JOY

The beauty and quiet

A stillness of the early morning

Fills the soul

A refreshing

Observing on the horizon

Exploding vibrant colors

Inside, an incredible awe

God has given me a new day

His mercies

Are new


Joy to the World!

All the boys and girls now

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

Joy to you and me


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