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Dots connecting a webbed net

As they connect, they light up

The web is growing

Surrounding the earth with its light

Connecting and then, more connected

Building a net of Light, Love, and Grace

Frequency builds, and the sound is clear

Louder it becomes as others draw near

Then down to the earth

This sound goes

Filling all barren places

With Hope as it goes

Even in tragedy

This frequency flies

Traveling deep, deep

Into peoples lives

Changing mindsets

Evil overturned

The Joy Economy of the Kingdom

Replaces the old DIY of humankind

Relationships become stronger

Hope and Grace restored

The newness of this Joy Economy

Somewhat confusing at first

It only takes one person

Reaching out to another

To spread this Joy Economy

Upon this earth that groans for more

Healing and well-being reside

Provision from the Creator – always

Polarities are gone

Balance is all over the earth

Disagreements? Oh yes –

But honor is prevalent

The Kingdom of God is relational

Community balanced

Let Love

Limitless Grace and Mercy

Joy and Peace

Reign now and forevermore


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