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Little Star

In the heavens

A star arose

Flickering, sputtering

Then, shining bright


Tiny in comparison to other stars

Little Star

Had BIG personality

So, she thought she should shine brighter


One day, the Creator came by

To check on Little Star

Making sure she was being

Who he created her to be


“Oh, Little Star! Little Star!

How are you today?” Creator asked.

“I’m…fine,” she replied.

“Only fine?” he asked.


“I feel so small and left out.

No one can see my light.

I try and try to shine so bright like the others,

But I can’t.


“Oh, Little Star…, Creator said.

I created you to be my unique Little Star.

To shine as you are

Nothing more and nothing less.”


“But, Creator, why?” she asked.

He replied, “ I created you in pure Joy,

To be just that.

To shine as Joy only can.”


Little Star thought and thought

About what the Creator said.

Then, with such excitement

Little Star exclaimed,


“Oh, well, then I will just do that!

I will shine my Joy brightly for all to see.

To bring Joy to others who need it most.

To point them towards Joy.”


The Creator smiled and laughed.

“Little Star,  though you are small in stature

Your heart of joyful light fills with my Joy

Let it go.

Release it to all around you.

I created you to do that very thing.”


Little Star became thoughtful for a moment.

“I will, she exclaimed. I will be my Joy-filled best for you, Creator.

And for all those who see my Joy-light.

Let Joy Arise!” sang Little Star.


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