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Meditation: Feel Love


Let go of expectations

Get out of yourself


Quit focusing on the ‘me’


Like receiving new lenses

Clarity comes

Focus becomes sharpened

Look at me

Don’t turn away

Gaze into the depths

I will take you deep

I AM is your shield

Walk with me


Continue to focus on me

Take a deep breath

Release the distractions

Feel yourself relax

Allow in my peace

Let it flow through you

Touching every cell

Permeating your DNA

I AM is your focus

Be aware of your surroundings

Continue to allow peace to flow

Now feel and sense

The love I have for you

Breathe it in; Exhale it out

All distractions are now gone

Listen to the gentle voice

I AM calling to you

Like a lover

Whispering his love for you

I AM is here


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