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Restoration of a City

A group of angelic beings has gathered

Surrounding a city

Hand-in-hand releasing love

Scrolls are floating out of their mouths

Scrolls are released

Turning into a beautiful mist

The mist is golden with silver and blues

Love, Hope, and Redemption

Released all around the city

Gems are raining down upon the city

All are different colors;

Hitting the ground, sprouting

These Gems bring frequencies

Healing, Restoration, Forgiveness, Hope, Joy, Love

Whatever is needed

Scales fall off people’s hearts and eyes

Mindsets begin to change

Honor and Respect for one another restored

Businesses turned around

Abundance and Blessings come

Enrichment for the community for all

Businesses thrive because of righteousness

No more divisions within the church denominations

The Presence of Something more has come

Creatives create; teachers truly teach

The precepts of our Creator

Restoration is a part of this city


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