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Sound of Many Waters

Sound of Many Waters

Frequency coming from heaven

Drifts from the Throne of God

Into the spirits of God's children


What is this I feel inside

That draws me to the divine

It permeates my very being

Covering me


Liquid love and light

Poured out from His throne

Flowing like honey from the honeycomb

Covering and sticking to all creation


Feel His Joy (it's our strength)

Feel His Love (it's our foundation)

Feel His Peace (it's our well-being)


His grace is given

Poured out to all

What a gift

Oh, such love


Sound of Many Waters

Bringing to us God's frequency

A sound so vivid and pure

Stop. Be still. Listen.


Oh, the breath of our Creator

The love of God is pure

He speaks so gently

"Be still and know I am God."


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