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Step in Time

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Time is not your enslaver.

Nor Time your slave

Partner with Time

Within the Joy-economy

Notice the changes that come

Gold and Silver also partner with Time

The times and seasons come and go

So also, different partnerships

Now, Time partners with Gold and Silver

Bringing into place the Joy-economy

Be proactive with your relationships.

Standing in the corner does no good

Put yourself out there – you are covered

Healthy communities are fostered

It is foundational in the Kingdom of God

Relationship is key

Building from scratch is hard

Stamina and perseverance will bring results

Being shy is a choice – let it go

My sons/daughters stand in their identity

Within Heaven is ALL of Me

All - nothing more – nothing less

You have all My resources

All you must do is ask

Ask with a pure heart

Remember, Time is on your side.

Restoration of ALL is happening.

All things are possible.

Time and Space

Stepping out

Step in Time


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