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The Black Cloud - Part 1

This experience happened in 2015. Still fairly new to the prophetic. I was pretty frustrated with my walk. I needed a breakthrough.

I am at a place once again where I sense I need to go over a wall.  This wall is a bit higher than the last one.  I keep searching for stairs or steps or even a key to unlock a hidden door.


Papa God, are you leading me over the wall?  Are you holding out a “carrot”, so to speak, to entice me to follow you?  I know you are near, and yet I don’t sense your presence.  This unsettles me.


“I am here, daughter.”


I feel lost, Papa. I want more of YOU:  more of who you are, more of your presence, more of your glory, more, more, more!  I am yours.  All of who I am is yours.


I know there is electricity, frequency and light that is you. And yet, I have to ask, Who are you God? 


I seek you, but I’m afraid I am not getting anywhere. 


Who am I, Lord?  I know who I am, more today than I did yesterday.  I am more aware. Please heighten my spirit to be more sensitive to You and Your presence. I want your presence to permeate through me and around me so that others will become affected by your Spirit.  Let me leak your Holy Spirit.  I wish to change the atmosphere around me.  You know, bring Heaven to Earth.


Papa, I hear of this Black Cloud, which is You – the fiercest part of You. Is that true?




May I approach it?


“Yes, yet one must be careful.”


Can I walk into that fierce Black cloud that is You?


“Are you ready to meet that part of Me?  Are you willing to die for me?”


Wait, “die for you”?   Physically die?  Die to me, die?  What do you mean?


“Are you willing to give up all of you?  Are you willing to surrender your whole being to Me?  Are you willing?”


I don’t know.  I want to say that I am.   Can I walk into it?  I’m not sure.


“I am here, daughter.  When you are ready to come, I am here.  Once you come, you will be changed. There is no going back.”


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