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The Black Cloud Part 2

Me:  Papa, what’s on your heart today?


Papa: We haven’t talked like this for a long while. I’ve missed this with you.  I want you to know I am not mad or angry, just a little sad. I so enjoy it when you and I sit and talk like this.  You give me joy. Did you know that I long for you?


Me: (I look deep into His eyes. I see only love for me.) Papa, forgive me for not allowing you to be number one all the time. (He smiles.) Thank you for loving me just the way I am, in all my foibles.


Papa: I love your foibles! (laughs) They make you who you are. You are discovering so much more about yourself in your journey, aren’t you?


Me: yes, I am! So many things to learn and know that I think I just shut down sometimes. So, when that happens, I focus more on my busyness. Sorry. This is where I need to go to my seat of rest for a time. I know that. Even my mind needs it and knows it. You whisper, “seat of rest” sometimes, don’t you? (I shake my head) I hear it but don’t heed it.  Then, I suffer for not going there.


Papa: Yes, and there is no need to suffer. Might I encourage you to Come up and sit with Me every morning? Listen to what I am saying to you. I sometimes sing to you. (Smiles) You seem to enjoy that.


Me: Oh my, yes! Waking up with a song in my head—humming—is something I haven’t done in a very long while. Having you sing a melody and me trying to figure out what that melody is—to what song and then the words—is quite a fun puzzle! The journey and then the discovery! Sometimes, I am overwhelmed.


Papa: I want to overwhelm you with my presence. My whole being loves you. Allow me to envelop you. Allow me to be more than a part of you. Come into Me. Stand with me as a daughter. It will take courage. Probably more courage than you’ve ever had before. It may seem like darkness at first, but I am there once you step through that veiled darkness. I am therein the light waiting. Come. Please come.


(I remain quiet for a few moments, taking in all that He has just spoken.)


Me: Papa, this sounds awfully like Ian Clayton's “The Black Cloud” experience. You wanted me to come to you before, fully surrendered. Is this what you are asking of me?


Papa:  Yes, daughter. It is time. Are you ready?


Me: (I was silent for a time. I really had to dig deep into myself for this.)


        Yes, Papa – I am ready. If I die right here, I will be with you. My whole being will be with you. I want to know how to live in your Presence – fully.


Papa: So, let’s do this.  Come, daughter.  Come.


I am in darkness—swirling darkness all around me—and it is disconcerting to my whole being. I’m not sure I want to go any farther. My mind wants to turn back, yet my spirit says, “No, continue forward.”


The swirling around me becomes very dense. I feel like I can’t breathe. Then, I feel heat. Yes, heat, like when you are near a huge bonfire. Get too close, and you may catch fire. Yet, I feel that I need to move closer to that fire. It is beckoning me to come closer. I keep moving forward, inch by inch and step by step. Then, I come to what appears like a wall of fire. I panic.


Me: Papa, how do I get past this!?


Papa: Walk straight through it.


Me: But PAPA!  It’s fire! It will burn me up.


Papa: I am with you.  Come.


The gentle firmness of His voice is calling to me. My spirit is jumping, and my mind is racing. Should I go ahead? What if I get burned up? Well, then, I will be with God forever. But I already am. What will this do to me?


My spirit says, “Forward”.

Papa says, “Come”.


I hesitate for just a moment. Just a heart check. I confess all that I can think of and repent. I stand under the Blood and mercy of Jesus.


Then…I step back! “I can’t do this!” I argue.

But, my spirit says, “Enter. Now.”

Again, I hear God’s familiar voice, “Come”.


I close my eyes, take a very long, deep breath, and take one step forward. I really feel the heat from the fire now. A new realization that he’s calling me into the fire!


Me: Papa, it will burn me!

Papa: Come.


So, I take another step. At this point I am now resolved to just go. No matter what happens. I take another step forward. Now, I feel the flames licking me. The thing is, I’m at peace. I take another step forward. I am now engulfed by the flames that surround me. I literally stand there in that fire. It is not consuming my body, but consuming all the lies, all the misconceptions, all the religious teachings and burning them up. Layers upon layers all being consumed.  It is a refining fire. As I now continue to walk through this refining fire, I feel lighter. I feel freedom.


All at once, I am past the fire. I am standing stark naked in this place I am in and I am not ashamed. This place appears to be so brilliantly white. I can’t see well.


I hear, “Welcome, daughter!”


I am suddenly overcome. I fall to my knees. I cannot bear to lift my head. I sense an angel standing next to me, and I cannot look up.


I hear Papa say, “Daughter, you are always welcome here. I love you so much. Please understand that few have come, but I am happy you stayed the course and came.”


My tongue is tied, it seems, because I am not able to speak. I just sigh. It is contentment, joy, love, awestruck, wonderment – so many emotions flooding through me all at once. My voice returns to me.


Me: Papa – why can’t I look at you? What can’t I stand?


Papa: Daughter, you have come farther up and farther in. This is the place where I dwell in Holiness. Few have ventured here. I call them, but either they don’t listen or aren’t interested. You, however, have always been a curious one. Your wonder and ponderings about me are good. I told my creation: If you seek Me, you will find Me; IF you seek Me with all your being. This is why you are here. All your life, you have sought me. Now, my dearest daughter, her Am I. So, rise, my daughter – Come to Me.


I lift my head. I see His robe hem. I feel the angel help me up. He steadies me. Then, in my full nakedness, I go to Papa. His arms are open. He hugs me. He had hugged me before, but this time, it was so much deeper. It was like wrapping the wholeness of the universe around me.  All of who He is, I felt. Then we talked. Just like we have always talked. Yet, there was a newness in this. Our relationship had changed. I am closer now to Papa than I have ever been before. The intimacy was overwhelmingly wonderful.


I didn’t feel naked any longer; I was clothed, clothed in His Glory. It was translucent, yet light and fire were on me, like a garment. I breathed in His fragrance and resonated with His frequency. To be honest, I have no grid for any of this, but I am here.


Papa’s shalom is always. This is Joy all around. His Love (AGAPE) enveloped everything.


Me: Papa, you are good, loving, merciful, kind. You are goodness and love wrapped into the best package. You are a good, good Dad!


Papa:  So, Sue, you asked me what was on my heart today, and I didn’t answer you…then. Do you know now?


Me: (Tears stream down my face) Yes, Papa—oh yes, I do. I love you, too! Thank you for wooing me in.




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