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The Bright Ones

The Bright ones, no longer the Huddled ones

Slowly they begin to come out into the open

Standing straight with bright clear eyes

Looking at their Host, who brought them

To this point of brightness

“Is this what pure love does?

It has released us from fear.

We feel so free.”

The Host smiled at them.

He raised his hands

Then clapped to bring attention

“I would like all of you to meet the Bright ones.

Though once the Huddled ones in fear;

Now released into love.

Welcome them.”

The guests came to each Bright one

Greeting them with honor

Much joy and laughter are heard as they celebrate

The coming out of the Bright ones

Shyly, the Bright ones begin to tell their stories

Where they came from and how they became Huddled ones

Such journeys for each one

Heaviness and darkness

The Bright ones, as they told their stories

Began to shed off the Huddled old nature

They seem to be peeling

It looked gross, but once peeled off

The old nature turned to dust

All who knew their Host rejoiced

For the new man was energy from the old

As they shed their fear and loneliness

Replaced by pure love and light.

They started to shimmer and shine like

All the other guests.

No condemnation

No judging

The Bright ones only felt love given


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