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The Celebration Begins

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

“Let the celebrations begin!”

A booming call goes out

All in attendance rejoiced

What could have been called chaos

Seemed quite orderly

Each line of Beings seemed to be doing their own thing

Yet – as I listen more intently

All of it intertwines – weaving in and out

It is beautiful

I lost myself in their music/frequency

It isn’t like what we know on earth

Far more in-depth – it engages everything

There seems to be more harmony

The sound stair-stepped

Layers of harmonics – all magnificently beautiful

From the Chrystal Throne

The Father of Lights

Blows upon this sound/frequency

His breath seems to push the frequency

Outward into different dimensions

Hauntingly beautiful

I begin to join in

My spirit, overcome by the sound

Now, my frequency is in this lovely tapestry

Woven together

Musical harmonies evolve

I am undone

The booming voice from the Chrystal Throne speaks

“Come to Me. Come to Me.

All who can hear, open your hearts

And come near.”


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