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The Huddled Ones

I saw/sensed a celebration

Dancing – such a glorious sight

Singing – antiphonal

A feast laid out on a banquet table

So many people celebrating

But, in the back corner of the hall, a small group

Huddled and afraid of being seen

Somewhat cloaked in darkness

The Host wanders around

Greeting each guest by name

He meanders toward the back of the hall

Intent on engaging the Huddled ones

As he enters their darkened space

His light dispels their darkness

They shield their eyes from this light

I hear, “No! Ack! It hurts!”

The Host quietly moves closer to the Huddled ones

A gentle smile on His face

He stretches out his hand toward them

Waiting for their response

“Please, I can’t take this brightness. It hurts.”

The Host gently touches the shoulders of each one

At first, a scream of agony

Then, a deep sigh of relief

“What have you done? We are free!”

The Host smiled

The Huddled ones begin to go

To hug their Host in gratitude

Then bow before Him with gratefulness

“I have given you only what your hearts longed for – Love.”

Please, come and join me in my celebration.

No longer are you Huddled ones,

But now you are Bright ones.”


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