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The King is Here

Swing wide the gates!

The King is coming!

Get up, prepare yourselves.

The King is coming!

Don’t hide in a corner in fear.

The King is coming!

He is benevolent and gracious.

Showing mercy to all

Come and see

The King is coming!

Dress yourselves to stand before the King

Garments of Love, Joy, Kindness

Reflect the glory of the King

Hear the trumpets?

They announce his arrival

He comes in triumph

He comes for His Bride

She stands waiting with anticipation

Dressed in white and pearls

No blemish is upon her

Pure like refined gold

Hear the heralding of the trumpets?

Loud and clear, they resound

The wedding of the Bride and Groom

Look! The King is here!

All creation is at attention.

The King is here!

As he passes by

All bow before him

Watch now

The Bride and Groom

Come together as one

In love

All creation shouts and sings.

The King is finally here!


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