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The Strategy

Sitting on a bench

In a field full of flowers

A waterfall flows

Bringing the music of heaven

Peace surrounds me


A door appears before me

Jesus appears

He walks towards me

He holds something in his hand


Curious, I ask him what it is

Smiling, Jesus hands me a box

I open this box

Inside is a golden key

An inscription on it



I look at him, very puzzled. He responded to my puzzlement.

“This key is to unlock the Joy-economy.

It will not open this door unless those called are ready to open it.

However, the time draws close.

Be prepared to take the key and place it in the door.

You will know when that time is. I will tell you. Now, place this key in your heart. Then, it will be ready for its opening.”


I placed the key in my heart.

My heart seemed to grow.

I looked at Jesus, and I asked,

“What may I do now to help the manifestation

Come at the appointed time?”


He replied,

“Continue to call the sons of God

To their positions on the earth’s shield.

Speak Love, Life, and Light over the earth.

Release this over the earth as well – the Blue Light.

It is the call to those who still need to come and understand.


I have prepared people’s hearts. I have placed in motion

strategies. Continue to seek Me. Continue to release what you have been. You’re on the right track.”


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