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Times and Seasons

Times and Seasons

Carry on

Without man’s input

God is the one who controls


God’s hand holds all.

All creation is in his hands.


Man does attempt

To change weather

To change time

To act as God in Do It Yourself


God has a strategy

His vision is far out-stretched

Beyond humanity’s comprehension

God holds it all in His hands


As the sons of God partner,

With their Creator-Father

The strategies proceed forward

In time with Times and Seasons



“Dream with me,” the Father cries out.

“Let us work together

Take my hand and walk it out.”


I Am that I Am

Will be ALL to ALL

Watch the Times and Seasons

Observe the Joy Economy grow


NOTE: God is calling out his artisans. Those creative dreamers to step up. Artists in the broad sense of the word. Here is where the Joy Economy will flow. Only in partnering with the Trinity will the flow have a significant impact. So much has been imparted and gifted. Now is the time to step forward in that gift.



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