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Up The Steps

See the steps?

Take each one and stand

Here they will impart to you

Each step engages and entangles

They will lead you to a greater understanding

Follow the path set before you

There will be ups and downs

All lessons to be learned

Seek those lessons and entrain

Wisdom comes then to teach

Stillness and silence within yourself

Each step, though challenging

It does not shake me inside

I can observe – see it completely

Every wrinkle, nook, and cranny

Up another step

Light shines, and it surrounds me

Breath in that Light

Allow it to entrain and entangle me fully

Sensing a shift within my being

Up another step

Greater depth in this Light

Swirling and somehow taking shape

Still sensing a shift within me

Yet now, I am wholly engulfed

Each step takes me higher

Each step takes me deeper

A Love that fills me and surrounds me

Swirling and energetic

I am with I AM


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